Waste Management

Alliant professionals were the first to aid DOE-Oak Ridge Operations in the development and implementation of a program to conduct radioactive waste management operations on the Oak Ridge Reservation. We also led the development and implementation of the DOE Order 435.1 Radioactive Waste Management Program for Waste Treatment Operations at the Y-12 National Nuclear Security Complex. We excel in developing customized Sampling and Analysis Plans as well as documenting the quality assurance and quality control systems of your project. Alliant’s seasoned staff and wide-reaching resources make us uniquely qualified to assist with all of your waste management projects.

Radioactive and Hazardous Waste

Alliant’s team of leading experts in hazardous and radioactive waste management assists clients from the early stages of program development and implementation through regular program maintenance. We provide:

  • Gap analysis to determine points of vulnerability
  • Regulatory compliance assessments
  • Development of baseline program compliance schedules
  • Development of program plans into upper-tier source documentation
  • Development of operating procedures
  • Development of training materials
  • Development of Sampling and Analyses Plans
  • Development of waste profiles for disposal facilities
  • Delivery of site-specific training to responsible operations personnel

Environmental Remediation

Our waste management specialists have extensive experience in the development and approval of waste lot disposition at EnergySolutions, formerly Envirocore of Utah, the Nevada Test Site (NTS), and the Oak Ridge Environmental Management Waste Management Facility (EMWMF). With projects ranging from the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) environmental cleanup to special case operations, Alliant has the experience and resources to exceed your environmental waste needs. Our services include:

  • Strategic planning and characterization scoping
  • Waste minimization programs and opportunity assessments
  • Treatment/disposal option analysis and planning
  • Sampling and Analysis Plan development
  • Field sampling and oversight
  • Development of waste profiles for the EMWMF and EnergySolutions
  • Waste certification experience for NTS waste
  • A familiarity with the EMWMF Waste Acceptance Criteria Attainment Team
  • Compliance management, oversight, and assessment


Alliant provides a growing clientele with compliant, cost-effective alternatives for shipping hazardous and radioactive waste. Whether you need transportation assistance or a full turnkey operation, our professional staff is available to ensure mission success through the following services:

  • Classification of hazardous materials in compliance with DOT, IATA, and other applicable regulations
  • Generation of shipping documentation
  • Assessment of packaging needs in accordance with DOT and UN standards
  • Assistance in proper packaging, marking, and labeling of material
  • DOT compliance consultation
  • Assistance with waste profiling and procurement of acceptance to a waste disposal or waste treatment facility
  • Development of Transportation Security Plans

Phase I and Phase II Assessments

Alliant provides a fully certified staff for Phase I and Phase II assessments.  Whether your need is in the residential or commercial area, Alliant has the ability to cater to your specific project.  We understand that when these assessments are needed, time is of the essence.  Alliant has the ability to serve the potential home owner or land developer, provide a quality product, and keep their schedule as our goal.  Services include:

  • Certified Phase I and II inspectors
  • Sampling and analysis field capability
  • Commercial and Residential