The dynamics of the workplace are changing rapidly due to the continuous evolution of technology. To cope with these dynamics, the modern workforce must have the technical and problem solving skills needed to continuously adapt to innovations and respond rapidly to evolving needs. Education and training programs are essential for businesses and industries to remain competitive.

Alliant’s programs are characterized by effective instructional design as world-class subject matter experts provide hands-on learning opportunities. Alliant’s in-house staff of technical experts, along with education and training specialists, collaborate on effective instructional design to maximize the learning experience and associated benefits for participants in our programs.

At Alliant, we gain focus by making the investment in our client to understand their business, their mission, and their goals that equate to their success. Once the understanding is established, we employ the principles of Performance-Based Training (PBT) to design and deliver training that gives students useful information to help them work better.  Perhaps the most important part of PBT is Alliant’s measurement of overall impact of the training to be sure performance objectives are being met. Alliant is experienced at interpreting the input provided by students during review and critique in order to develop and deliver a better training product. The emphasis of PBT is placed on developing functional skills that will allow the worker to do his/her job correctly and safely.