ISO 14001 EMS Support

Alliant offers Registrar Accredited Board certified ISO 14001 Lead Auditors who possess in-depth experience in the development and implementation of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) in industrial and government settings, as well as site-specific tailoring of programs to meet client needs. Depending on the needs of the client, Alliant professionals can perform a gap assessment to identify elements of the ISO 14001/19001 standard that are not addressed in the client’s current operational scheme, conduct regularly scheduled or ISO 14001 certification-based audits, or assist in the development of EMS program documentation to attain full compliance with the 14001 standard.


  • ISO 14001 standard interpretation specific to client’s operation
  • Environmental Policy development
  • EMS documentation (e.g., procedures, manual) development
  • Client operation aspect identification and evaluation
  • Significant impacts identification and hazard ranking
  • Identification of aspect objectives and targets
  • Annual and semi-annual ISO 14001 maintenance audits
  • EMS Program performance tracking
  • Effectiveness Program development and implementation
  • Corrective and Preventive Action development and implementation
  • EMS Program performance tracking
  • Expert consultation and ISO 14001 interpretation
  • Site-specific EMS training for client operations